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Content Coin For Our Coin Holders

Being an active follower and viewer on social media is incredibly important to both the influencers and advertisers working on the channels we follow… But why is it that compensation only goes towards creators and advertisers? Content Coin believes that social media utilization should be mutually beneficial, both for influencers and followers.

What do you get for watching every video your favourite creator puts out? Currently, nothing. What do they get? Views, ad revenue, sponsorships, the list goes on. In the current state of social media the influencers and big companies backing them are the only ones who are rewarded. We want to flip the script on the way social media users are rewarded, helping both influencers and followers generate income.

You can use Content Coin to:

  • ● Tip your favourite influencers
  • ● Like your favourite content
  • ● Hold Content Coin to accumulate wealth through Content Coin

The Content Coin platform is designed to give everyone access to tailored content, without leveraging traditional algorithms that only push content that benefits the social media giants. Ever feel like you only see a handful of the hundreds of people or brands you follow on social media… Yeah, we don’t like that, so Content Coin is built to be a free to use platform that gives every user an equal opportunity to generate income.

What Content Coin Gets You:

  • ● Participate in content wars to win coins from the other contestants you beat
  • ● Earn 2% as a BNB coin holder
  • ● Enjoy one-on-one video chats with other influencers
  • ● Use content wars platform for no additional cost
  • ● Watch exciting battles between different influencers!

Content Coin For Our Creators:

Content Coin wants to be a new income stream for content creators! By becoming a sponsored Content Coin (E-Coin) project ambassador you can take your existing online presence to the moon! We’re presenting a unique win-win situation for content creators, helping you earn more money from your content, while presenting a fresh opportunity to dramatically increase the size of your follower base online.

By getting started on Content Coin’s platform today, you are diversifying your online income streams. Protecting yourself and your online content from the inevitable regulation and censorship of traditional social media giants.

How you can make money with Content Coin is simple. You can generate profits simply by holding Content Coin, 5% paid to influencers that accept this coin. Also, Content Coin platform pays our influencers based on the merit of their content contributions. The more likes you receive on a post, the more income you earn. Making great content=making great income on the Content Coin platform!

Content Wars is another great way to generate income with Content Coin. You and your followers can win all of your competitions coins by putting yourselves against each other in content wars. It’s an incredible incentive to both get viewers engaging with your content, and a way to reward yourself and your audience for helping you win against the competition… Truly a Win-Win like never before!

Content Coin Benefits For Influencers:

  • • Diversify your social media revenue stream
  • • Earn 5% from accepting Content Coin
  • • Participate in Content Wars to win coins from your competitors
  • • Earn 2% as a BNB coin holder
  • • Compete against industry rivals for chances to significantly boost earnings
  • • Get paid to enjoy one-on-one video chats with followers

Who can get sponsored?

  • ● Instagram influencers/creators
  • ● TikTok influencers/creators
  • ● YouTube influencers/creators

Content Coin Features

Our project is based on an existing cryptocurrency exchange, featuring the following benefits:

Buyback Option

Our E-Coin is powered by smart contracts, allowing for decentralized trust in any transaction form. Your investment is safe, as the smart contract simplifies your buying and selling process. This added layer of trust also prevents E-Coin double-spending or selling.

Marketing Wallet Feature

Five percent (5%) of every transaction is allocated to our marketing wallet.


Breakdown of our Token Recipients.


Token Name: CONT

Token Symbol: CONT

Token Decimal: 18

Token Supply: 100Billion

Token Contract: 0x44960a05db54d2be7d0ee3039f9f9ee44c5017ea

Token Explorer: Click to view on BscScan

Liquidity will be locked for a year.

Every Token holder will enjoy automatic rewards through the buyback process.


Added To the Liquidity pool.


Transferred to marketing wallet (in BNB)


Auto distributed in bnb back to content coin holders

Phase 1

  • Design for Website/Social Media
  • Social Media Launch
  • Website Launch
  • Winning Influencers considered for sponsorship

Phase 2

  • Pre-Sale
  • Official Pancake Swap Launch
  • Influencer Marketing of APPROVED influencers
  • Pre-Sale
  • Audit of Contract

Phase 3

  • The Content Launchpad BETA
  • Website Improvements
  • Big Cameos + Heavy Influencer Marketing
  • Secret NFT Project Reveal

Phase 4

  • Monetization per engagement of each influencer
  • Content Wars platform launch BETA
  • One on one monetization platform launch
  • Coin Market Cap
  • Coin Gecko
  • Lock contract with Everrise
  • Wallet Partnership announcements
  • WEB 3.0 Log in for Dapp
  • Second Audit by Certik
  • Announce Voting Module for changes
  • Bitmart


We are looking forward to achieving these milestones with help from our teams, contributors and investors

Our Advisor

Our advisors and board members are great part of our team.

Our Partners


Download the whitepaper and learn about ICO Token, the unique ICO Crypto approach and the team/advisors.

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Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

Can I pay people with CONT ?

Yes! You can!

Is the Liquidity Pool locked?

The liquidity pool is locked for 2 years, We put our holders first.

How Can I buy CONT?

Its Very Simple! Click Buy Coin and sign up!

Are we associated with "Tik Tok"?

We are not in any way shape or form directly or indirectly associated with any social media platform other than our own.

Comments Made regarding any other social media platforms are to compare our services to their not to be misconstrued as affiliation affirmations.

We are decentralized and censorship free.

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